Thursday, February 23, 2006

Cleaning of Barrels !

The most important basic aspect of accurate rifleshooting.

It has being my experience over the last 35 years in Rifle shooting,that this is the most important thing ! And Ironically this is the thing many rifle shooters don't know,or know little of. Even some specialists have been "quoted",that it is ok to clean barrels after 700 shots in a 7MM REM MAG ! I gurantee YOU the barrel is ruined by that time .

In using rifles to the outmost accuracy,and full potential,it is nessesary to clean the barrel regularly.A hunter shooting a rifle few shots in a single day,should clean the the barrel at end of day.A match shooter shooting in competition cleans barrels after 8-15 shots. It is a good rule to clean barrel when 20-30 shots are through as a maximum shots fired. This depends on size of cartridge case,and bore diameter.The larger the cartridge case versus smaller bore diameter,then the more frequency is needed in cleaning. Cleaning Method 1. After shooting X numbers of shots,the target, varmint or big game shooters should use following method. Wet 2 patches with cleaning solvent (I use Shooters Choice),push from rear,up front through barrel.This takes all loose fouling out. Next it is best to brush the barrel with copper brush,soaked in cleaning solvent,about 10 passes,through barrel.Add solvent to brush after few passes,at muzzle end when brush is out of barrel. After these passes 10 maeby 20 depending on quantity of shots fired and condition of barrel,2 dry patches are pushed through barrel from rear. Now the barrel should be almost clean ! To clean better it is advisable to soak a plastic brush or fiber brush with solvent and wet the bore of barrel ! Let it stand overnight,and check color of solvent next day. It may come out light green or strong green,depending og fouling in barrel.If it comes out strong green,brush some more with copper brush,and repeat wetting bore with solvent,and let it stand overnight. Wetting barrels is only advisable with safe solvents,read the bottle instructions.Some stronger Ammonia blended solvents can damage barrels if left too long in barrel. It is advisable to leave barrels wet until next shooting starts. URGENT ! DRY BARREL OUT BEFORE SHOOTING . Cleaning method 2. Some Rifles can have rough bores,and foul badly. For cleaning them it may be nessesary to use stronger Solvents Ammonia blended.Use the Ammonia blended solvents carefully and only for soaking wet for 15-20 mins.Don´t brush them in with copper brush,this will ruin brush,use plastic or fiber brush.Even abrasives may be used to get out severe fouling,but work carefully with them ! Best is to use patch rolled around a cleaning jag and push through barrel in short strokes,gradually towards the muzzle end. After using Ammonia blended solvents,and or abrasives,it is advisable to use milder solvents to clean barrel and do the colour check overnight ! When cleaning process is done it is good workmanship to dry out chamber of gun,clean locking lug aeria,inside of action and put small dips of grease on locking lugs. Accurate Shooting !

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hjalti Stefánsson

Poldi Mr. Stefansson exploring "NEW" Info.

Welcome to Riflepro BLOG !

On this blog I welcome all Bench Rest Shooters/Competitors.
And of course Rifle smiths in Bench Rest, target and varmint rifles.
Rifle Action manufacturers,barrel manufacturers,and scope company's who make scopes qualified, for Bench Rest competition,
and long range Varmint shooting, along with 1000 yds.shooting.
The issues here are the discussions of top quality components in riflesmithing, actions, barrels, stocks and scopes. Reloading components, bullets, primers, powders, and related tech details in reloading, bullet seating etc.

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