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The Foundation to rifle accuracy!
When improving the accuracy of rifles,there are many things that need attention.Quality and cleaning of the rifle barrel,stiffness and quality of the bolt action,precision bedding of barreled action into stock,a good and well adjusted trigger,scope mounts,rifle scope itself,and hand loaded ammunition.And not the least,professional smiting of all parts and assembly of rifle.

The single most effective improvement a rifle shooter can do to his rifle is bedding the barreled action properly,with two part epoxy compound,like Bisonite,Devcon,Acraglas,Micro bed,or other quality epoxy bedding compound. Which all rifle shooters can perform,given good instructions.I personally like to work with Bisonite and have for over 37 years.A rifle no matter the accuracy level it delivers in unbedded state,will increase its accuracy and overall performance after Pillar bedding.I have over 37 years experience in this bedding method.There is NONE better !I have one rifle I made myself,that broke a 20 year old world record in Heavy Bench Class 1988 at IBS Nationals in Ohio USA,which is pillar bedded! Rifles from manufacturers such as,
Remington, Winchester, Savage, Browning, Mossberg, Marlin, Howa, Harrington and Richardsson, Weatherby, Sako, Tikka, Mauser, Brno, Colt, Sig Sauer, Voere, Anch├╝tz, Walther, Beretta,Taurus, and all other Bolt action rifles types,will benefit increased accuracy by Pillar Bedding them. Period !

Here are few of the benefits of the Rifle Pillar Bedding, glass bedding.

1.Even and stress less seat of action in stock,both walnut and fiberglass.There will be no bending of Action when guard screws are tightened into stock.(Bending of action will happen when seat in stock is not even). Usually this is a mega problem,to overall performance of rifle and scope/sighting in.
2.Perfect fit of action to the stock,eliminating all micro movement between firings.
(Better group accuracy)
3.Less vibration of barreled action in stock when firing.(Better group accuracy)
4.Rifle holds sighting in adjustments,from one hunting season to another. Sighting in of rifle can change in unbedded state,due to the nature of the wood and fiberglass stocks. Wood can warp,bend,and expand,caused by temperature changes and moisture differences. Fiberglass stocks can after cure and warp and bend,non less than walnut stocks. These changes can ruin good accuracy,if rifle was good before.
5.The Pillar bedding method nullifies the effect of changing wood or fiberglass in stocks,so the accuracy and rifle sighting in,is not affected during changes as in warping,bending,expansion,and after curing.
6. Bedding Increases accuracy, sometimes by up to 150 % in group size. For example a rifle shooting 1 to 1.5 inches at 100 Meters/yards may give you 0.500 to 0.700 inch groups after bedding,and even better ! Rifles that are performing better in unbedded state will increase accuracy ,as an example from 0.500-.700 inch groups and go down to 0.250 to 0.350 inch groups ! After Pillar Bedding. Think about the potential this will give you at longer ranges,lets say out to 500 yards/meters or further out ?

The Rifle Bedding Manual is a Pdf E-Book,with clear,comprehensive and descriptive photographs and instructions and guidance,in how a average rifle shooters can professionally Pillar bed their rifles.Resulting in improved accuracy and consistency.The only thing needed is a Bedding Kit,few common tools,battery drill machine,wood chisels and sandpaper etc.and good instructions as are in the Rifle Bedding Manual.Easy to follow instructions step by step of a bedding method that has over 37 years in use.The most accurate rifles for Precision Bench Rest Competition,are bedded by this pillar bedding method.

Copyright: Digital Certified: Adobe pdf. 149 pages with translations.
Birgir Runar Saemundsson Marz 2008.
Supported Languages : English,French,Russian,Korean,Italian,Spanish,

Available at; Rifle Bedding Book.

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